TeamWork is the best choice

A respectful work environment reduces the potential for conflict and increases results!

Rescpect colleagues earns you respect in return and creates an atmosphere where collaboration, trust and #teamwork are valued.

Participate in teamwork and group initiatives, even if you don’t share the same ideas, develop mutual trust and respect: best things come from different minds!

Create a culture of #teamwork with mutual #trust and #respect, this is tue #nursing I think about when I’m teaching, caring, writing and sharing ideas.

“Article 42

The nurse protects their dignity and their colleagues, through behaviors inspired by respect and solidarity.”

#Nurse #Nursing #TeamWork


Healthy People

The future of healthcare could be in your pocket.

A new app for young student, simply and clear: here you can find answers, contacts and usefull links.

It’s been very important for us to have credibility with our citizen, and we will continue to do that because it’s designed in the nurse professional profile.


And if the solution was passion?!

We spend an average of eight hours a day working. There are those who do many more! We do it about five days a week … even with some exception, nurses and not only them! At work we devote most of our energy, youth, our ideas and our time. The first step is to find out what the true passion you can turn into your work is. You must love what you do to get up enthusiastically every morning, overcome every difficulty and be proud of it; only those who are really motivated are happy with what they do!

Find your passion, it’s one of the most important things, because it’s not a job, it’s your way.

World Diabetes Day

Take part in this social campaigns!

Follow the Facebook World Diabetes Day Facebook page for ongoing updates on the ongoing initiatives.

How to collaborate with who organizes events for the Day of Diabetes?

There are 410 associations in Italy with people with diabetes. Almost everyone organizes or is involved in organizing events for World Diabetes Day. Starting from this page by choosing region and province you will find a list of Associations with their email addresses and phone numbers:

All materials are available for download at high resolution from this page.

5 reasons to vaccinate

People know about the importance of car seats, baby gates and other ways to keep them safe. But the didn’t know that one of the best ways to protect children is to make sure they have vaccinations.

  • Immunizations can save your child’s life
  • Vaccination is very safe and effective
  • Immunization protects others you care about
  • Immunizations can save your family time and money
  • Immunization protects future generations