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Coach yourself!

We are the only one who has the key to access these great mysteries. We must coach ourselves, revealing the capabilities and the potentialities of each of us. We accompany us on the path of transformation, bringing to a higher level of awareness our aspirations, our dreams and helping us outline the way to achieve our goals. The tools are inside of each one.

Love yourself for what you are, be compassionate first to yourself and then to others. As Louise Hay, mother of positive thinking says, the words we use to describe our experiences, create our reality. It is better then to choose positive and powerful beliefs and to abandon the spiral of negative and dysfunctional thoughts, which do not help us in any way!

Compared to the experience of my life, this is what I think: stay with people who improve you!

Birth of Cardiac Massage

Knickerbocker, assistant in surgery, who conducted studies on defibrillation in dogs, found that placement of electrodes alone caused an increase in femoral arterial pressure. This observation made the idea that the circulation could be maintained artificially with cardiac massage. 
It was a revolutionary discovery: no need to “open the chest” for a direct cardiac massage! Be wrote in the article of 1960, “… anyone and everywhere can initiate resuscitation procedures. We need two hands. ”

Two hands can save life!

See more here:
Kouwenhoven WB, Jude JR, Knickerbocker GG. Closed-chest cardiac massage. JAMA, 1960; 173, 1064-1067
Eisenberg MS, Psaty BM. Cardiopulmonary resuscitation. Celebration and challenges. JAMA 2010; 304, 87-88

Nurses and health promotion more than thirty years from Ottawa’s card

More than thirty years after the Ottawa Charter was drafted, nurses strongly emphasize the importance of promoting health through their activities.Health is an essential asset for social, economic and personal development, and is a key aspect of quality of life. Health promotion, theorized concept in various historical epochs, was coded in 1986 by the Ottawa Charter.

It is not possible to gain maximum health potential if you are unable to control the determinants of health. Nurses’ commitment is focused on the development of policies aimed at promoting and preserving the health of citizens.

(Federica Putzu)

Gli infermieri e la promozione della salute a distanza di più di trent’anni dalla carta di Ottawa

A distanza di più di trent’anni dalla stesura della Carta di Ottawa gli infermieri sottolineano con forza attraverso le loro attività l’importanza della promozione della salute.
La salute è un bene essenziale per lo sviluppo sociale, economico e personale, ed è aspetto fondamentale della qualità della vita. La promozione della salute, concetto teorizzato in varie epoche storiche, è stato codificato nel 1986 dalla Carta di Ottawa.

Non è possibile conquistare il massimo potenziale di salute se non si è in grado di controllare i fattori determinanti della salute. L’ impegno degli infermieri è orientato allo sviluppo di politiche orientate alla promozione e conservazione della salute dei cittadini.

(Federica Putzu)


Congratulations to your newly selected Task Force Members! These qualified individuals were vetted by the ILCOR nominating committee and approved by the ILCOR Executive Committee. 


Outputs, Outcomes, Impact

Theese are the basic components of a result chain, how actions can lead to a desired result. Construct an initial result chain based on a conceptual model than start analising the indicators of the process that lead to goals on a target.

Input ~ Strategy ~ Output ~ Outcome ~ Impact can be the chain.

Outputs, outcomes and impact are terms that are used to describe changes at different levels.

Output means the result of a trial, results which are achieved immediately after implementing an activity. 

Outcome is not seen immediately after the end of the activity, after some time appear this kind of result, it seem to be better described as some change at the ground level after a training. 

Impact is a long term result, not achievable  during the project activities. 

The external effectiveness is the indicator that shows the relationship between the product (output) and the result (outcome). 

Look here for more external concept description.


Who takes care of the nurses?

Burnout is associated with professions that combine stress and idealism. Many nurses suffer from work-related stress. To be frequent are also depressive states and the so-called burn-out syndrome, ie the work exhaustion.

Data presented in Rome at the Policlinico Gemelli during the conference which was held in 2011 entitled “The work stress-related Health Care Workers Emergency” (dell’AcEMC, prof. Ivo Casagranda) says that  54.7% of nurses of a sample population suffers from a mental fatigue. For nurses, the most critical work si in the first 4 hours, while at least 8% of them has made use of psychotropic drugs. 

In the nursing profession you have manifestations of stress, burn-out and emotional overload that lead to an inevitable comunication difficulties, not infrequently, also it manifested by conflicts within the working group. Nurses must learn to manage conflict to draw a positive evolution of activities. The psychological scenario, resulting from a complex and emotionally strong supportive relationship with the patient and his family is hard to be under control.

Nurses are still in inter-friction, intra and inter-relationships characterized by the defense of their own specific in spite of inter-dependence and collaboration. The team-working skills becomes a requirement to improve performance and reduce work-related stress. 

Don’t stop nurses!

In recent years much has been done to improve the organization and the quality of nursing work and maybe even a lot can be done in the direction of a concrete implementation of new methodologies.

Interruptions in Nurse activity increase the chance of making mistakes. Not only doctors and those working in the structure, but also by those who are external to the structure itself, for example phones, fax, relatives; it is always very difficult to oppose resistance to breaking attempts: it’s a really complicated work and nurse often respond of his or her activities. 

But the question is… how can nurses find a solution?! Communication is one of the activities that characterize Nursing; nurses need to find strategies of containment of the possibility of increasing the risk related to certain processes.

One way would be to guarantee the patient a fixed time for meeting if necessary. Nurses need to find a place where they can guarantee respect for privacy, but above all you can devote all the time necessary in order to reassure him, because much interruptions for questions depend on a low confidence.

Here I am… nurse in surgery during one hour delivery therapy : day one 19 interruptions, day two 22, day three 13. We risk too much! Don’t stop nurses in their acrivities, but nurses must find time and place to a positive communication, with relatives and caregivers.

A flash mob to put a stop to violence!

Flash mob against violence: event open to all, organized by Order of nurses in Genoa, in collaboration with architects, doctors, lawyers and journalists. 

Here there’s the link to follow this kind of events, you can find #stopviolence activities and next events:

11.3 event, flying baloon… what does it mean? Freedom!  Everyone old hands around the fountain doing a few laps as a representation of female solidarity strengthened by the participation of men who support women without distinction of sex or profession.

#washyourhands #teachyourchildren 


#teachourchildren #washyourhands

Wash your hands: it seems there is no simpler and more effective rules to protect their own and others health.

During the day, our hands are in contact with numerous objects full of microorganisms (banknotes, to support public transport, to the door handles, to the gym gear, snacks on the bar or the electronic tools buttons). Some bacteria have also developed a strong resistance to antibiotics and it is therefore important to prevent infection by washing your hands thoroughly, especially if the person has a weakened immune system.

When it comes to personal hygiene, it is not only important to respect the indications on the appropriate time to wash their hands, but also those related to the proper washing and cleansing technique. A fast rinse, in fact, is not sufficient to eliminate the problem.



“Nursing is not just technical, but know that it involves the soul, mind and imagination,” wrote Florence Nightingale, Nursing is a knowledge which needs a method, a way of thinking that allows the practitioner to relate the set of abstract knowledge with practical purposes. 
The process of nursing is the method that the nursing discipline uses to identify the needs of the individual or of a social group and to plan an appropriate response, effectively and efficiently to such problems through a complex of total performance competence and nursing responsibilities. But how can we learn to experience it and to teach it?

Many skills can be developed properly by resorting to simulation. The simulation is a technique to experience wizards that evoke real experiences in which the operator is experienced interactively. To increase the operator skills and patient safety, in performing invasive procedures, should be used dedicated simulation unit,  both for students that for advanced specialized training nurses.

In Italy there are actually some simulation units: worker units of the degree courses in nursing and some educational reality approved by some professional order.

The union of theory and good practice is essential for the quality of care provided, especially in terms of safety and limitation of risk related to it.

Below link to the  simulation activities carried out by experts in the surgical room nurses.


Why I love to teach Nursing?

Some of the most interesting people I have ever met came into my life because I’m a nurse. Ther’s a big satisfaction in helping others, whether it be in health promotion or nursing education. Having an influence on students, and the community is the greatest goal in nursing.

Teach the student life-saving techniques is important because even before they’re students they are citizens! Social value of some teachings is significant. But what nurses really love to teach despite all the difficulties of this profession?

Probably nurses love to teach students to work with passion and commitment: for any future nurse who will love his/her profession every patient will earn a curative relationship help.

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