The new code

Recognizing in a deontological code that “relationship time is time for treatment” is an epochal step.

Nurses in Civil Protection – Genoa (I)

Civil protection activities are not limited to simple interventions in the event of disasters and disasters to bring relief, but most of the activities are destined for forecasting and prevention activities. It is in this context that the activity carried out by the nurses is inserted.

To consult the new alert system via Telegram, in addition to the previous one, for the municipality of Genoa:

Thanks to the words of the municipal councilor with responsibility for civil protection, Antonino Sergio Gambino, who today recalled that “EVERY CITIZEN IS CIVIL PROTECTION”

Physical emotions

According to James Lange’s theory, emotions are not only mental, but also physical. A physical change occurs before an emotional change occurs. To understand what this affirmation means: I see a bear → the muscles stiffen → increase palpitations → I worry.

The brain is a very large organ and weighs nearly 3 pounds. Its anatomy and function are highly complex. The areas involved in the demonstration and the control of various emotions are numerous. The most important of all is the limbic system, which consists of several parts, including amygdala, hippocampus and hypothalamus.

The brain constantly processes all the information provided and evokes an adequate emotional response. Any emotion and action it evokes are crucial for survival, procreation and evolution.

Cardiac Resuscitation

In 1955, Zoll described a mechanical technique for “stimulating” the asystolic heart. In 1956, he published a transcutaneous approach to terminate ventricular fibrillation with a much larger shock, of up to 750 volts, and later described similar termination of ventricular tachycardia.

His use of an alternating current shock began clinical cardioversion–defibrillation but eventually was replaced by direct current shock, largely for technical reasons.