“Nursing is not just technical, but know that it involves the soul, mind and imagination,” wrote Florence Nightingale, Nursing is a knowledge which needs a method, a way of thinking that allows the practitioner to relate the set of abstract knowledge with practical purposes. 
The process of nursing is the method that the nursing discipline uses to identify the needs of the individual or of a social group and to plan an appropriate response, effectively and efficiently to such problems through a complex of total performance competence and nursing responsibilities. But how can we learn to experience it and to teach it?

Many skills can be developed properly by resorting to simulation. The simulation is a technique to experience wizards that evoke real experiences in which the operator is experienced interactively. To increase the operator skills and patient safety, in performing invasive procedures, should be used dedicated simulation unit,  both for students that for advanced specialized training nurses.

In Italy there are actually some simulation units: worker units of the degree courses in nursing and some educational reality approved by some professional order.

The union of theory and good practice is essential for the quality of care provided, especially in terms of safety and limitation of risk related to it.

Below link to the  simulation activities carried out by experts in the surgical room nurses.


Why I love to teach Nursing?

Some of the most interesting people I have ever met came into my life because I’m a nurse. Ther’s a big satisfaction in helping others, whether it be in health promotion or nursing education. Having an influence on students, and the community is the greatest goal in nursing.

Teach the student life-saving techniques is important because even before they’re students they are citizens! Social value of some teachings is significant. But what nurses really love to teach despite all the difficulties of this profession?

Probably nurses love to teach students to work with passion and commitment: for any future nurse who will love his/her profession every patient will earn a curative relationship help.

Do you want to halve your study time?

Today I run the reading speed test! The speed reading techniques have evolved a reading system that, as of the characteristics of the eye and the brain, allowing us to speed up reading without affecting our ability to understand.

The possibility of being able to read articles in a few minutes is the desire of every student and anyone who needs to upgrade for work reasons. I ran the test and then red the results and recommendations to improve my performance. 


  • The first step to learn the speed reading techniques is to reduce to a minimum the number of points of fixity, and to increase the speed of the eye. 
  • Second important step to learn speed reading techniques is widening field. To train in this way you can easily help by a “sound of words.”
  • Third, in learning speed reading techniques it is important to break down the mental repetition during reading.

Reading faster the mind remains focused on reading, facilitating organization and memory

The emotional codes

The meaning of words has little weight in communication, several researchers of neurolinguistic science claim that the content of what we say, the words represent only 7% of penetration of our posts the remaining 93% power it is attributed to everything related to the language of emotions.

The human communicates through two  channels, the logical and rational word  responsible for the fulfillment of the requirements wich recognized the needs and the channel of  Non-verbal language of the emotional sphere, responsible for the emotional fulfillment of unconscious needs.

Knowledge of Non-Verbal Communication in uncovered subliminal codes. The positions of the body, signs and gestures that the individual expresses a thought during or during a dialogue, are not random, but related by its emotional states, this allows you to discover what kind of emotions we send to our interlocutor if pleasant and engaging or anxiety. Touching in certain areas of the face, lips caressing, touching objects in a certain way and many others classified as appropriate signals, allow the expert of Analog Communication, stay for a precise message.

Talking about health communication is not about something that has to do with kindness, good manners, but it has to do with the deep professionalism of health workers, with the social sense and effectiveness of the care of their work. In this context is important the quality of the relationship and communication that is established between the professional and the person assisted.  Nurses not limit to perform technical interventions, in taking care of the patient performs a therapeutic function and supportive  dialogue, in order to establish effective interaction. In this context it is relevant the quality of the relationship and communication that is established between the professional and the person assisted, paying attention to non-verbal language. 

From a good reading skills about nonverbal codes derive informations about the real emotional state of the patient, especially when it does not know, can not express his real feel.