The internship guidance and assessment of student nurses

The clinical learning environment is crucial to obtain effective training of the student nurses.

The educational outcome is made from set of student potential and the intervention of the clinical tutor. Formative feedback received during the internship experiences combine to determine the assessment certification service / summative at the end of the academic year.What are the difficulties you encounter a training guide on the evaluation of a student?

Starting from the assumption that assess means attributing a value to determine a difference, the difficulty of comparison is immediately apparent. It is necessary, in order to assess as fairly as possible, use pre-defined and non-empirical criteria: evaluating not just measure!

During the training it is important to find space for three basic steps:

  1. First meeting
  2. Second meeting
  3. Final evaluation

During the interim meeting, which will be expressed in all the critical issues, the role of the guide is crucial: the tutor receives feedback of the training and can redirect the student to achieve goals not yet achieved by the student, causing the use of alternative strategies.

The nurse must help identify behaviors that contribute to achieving the goals and to stimulate the student to repeat it and improve them.

Assess to what extent the result is equal to or deviates from the stated range for quantifying the effectiveness of tutorial intervention. The link between learning and processes that generate it are inseparable.
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