Who takes care of the nurses?

Burnout is associated with professions that combine stress and idealism. Many nurses suffer from work-related stress. To be frequent are also depressive states and the so-called burn-out syndrome, ie the work exhaustion.

Data presented in Rome at the Policlinico Gemelli during the conference which was held in 2011 entitled “The work stress-related Health Care Workers Emergency” (dell’AcEMC, prof. Ivo Casagranda) says that  54.7% of nurses of a sample population suffers from a mental fatigue. For nurses, the most critical work si in the first 4 hours, while at least 8% of them has made use of psychotropic drugs. 

In the nursing profession you have manifestations of stress, burn-out and emotional overload that lead to an inevitable comunication difficulties, not infrequently, also it manifested by conflicts within the working group. Nurses must learn to manage conflict to draw a positive evolution of activities. The psychological scenario, resulting from a complex and emotionally strong supportive relationship with the patient and his family is hard to be under control.

Nurses are still in inter-friction, intra and inter-relationships characterized by the defense of their own specific in spite of inter-dependence and collaboration. The team-working skills becomes a requirement to improve performance and reduce work-related stress. 


Don’t stop nurses!

In recent years much has been done to improve the organization and the quality of nursing work and maybe even a lot can be done in the direction of a concrete implementation of new methodologies.

Interruptions in Nurse activity increase the chance of making mistakes. Not only doctors and those working in the structure, but also by those who are external to the structure itself, for example phones, fax, relatives; it is always very difficult to oppose resistance to breaking attempts: it’s a really complicated work and nurse often respond of his or her activities.

But the question is… how can nurses find a solution?! Communication is one of the activities that characterize Nursing; nurses need to find strategies of containment of the possibility of increasing the risk related to certain processes.

One way would be to guarantee the patient a fixed time for meeting if necessary. Nurses need to find a place where they can guarantee respect for privacy, but above all you can devote all the time necessary in order to reassure him, because much interruptions for questions depend on a low confidence.

Here I am… nurse in surgery during one hour delivery therapy : day one 19 interruptions, day two 22, day three 13. We risk too much! Don’t stop nurses in their acrivities, but nurses must find time and place to a positive communication, with relatives and caregivers.

A flash mob to put a stop to violence!

Flash mob against violence: event open to all, organized by Order of nurses in Genoa, in collaboration with architects, doctors, lawyers and journalists.

Here there’s the link to follow this kind of events, you can find #stopviolence activities and next events:

11.3 event, flying baloon… what does it mean? Freedom!  Everyone old hands around the fountain doing a few laps as a representation of female solidarity strengthened by the participation of men who support women without distinction of sex or profession.

#washyourhands #teachyourchildren 


#teachourchildren #washyourhands

Wash your hands: it seems there is no simpler and more effective rules to protect their own and others health.

During the day, our hands are in contact with numerous objects full of microorganisms (banknotes, to support public transport, to the door handles, to the gym gear, snacks on the bar or the electronic tools buttons). Some bacteria have also developed a strong resistance to antibiotics and it is therefore important to prevent infection by washing your hands thoroughly, especially if the person has a weakened immune system.

When it comes to personal hygiene, it is not only important to respect the indications on the appropriate time to wash their hands, but also those related to the proper washing and cleansing technique. A fast rinse, in fact, is not sufficient to eliminate the problem.